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These are a few of the words past clients have used to describe the experience I provided to their audience. Are these words you want your audience to use at your event? If so, let’s talk.

Before we get any further, there’s something you need to know about me…


Why is this important? To simplify, if you’re looking for someone to speak on traditional methods of doing things, I’m not your guy.

If you’re looking for someone to disrupt the traditional way of thinking and facilitate transformational shifts, I’m definitely your guy.

Here’s the problem…

There’s a difference between behavioral modification and life transformation.

Traditional methods produce traditional results. These results typically come in the form of temporary behavioral modification.

If you want to do something truly significant, you need a disruptor. Someone who goes way beyond behavioral modification. Someone who will facilitate life transformation.

Here’s how I can help facilitate transformation at your event…

For Entrepreneurs and Businesses:

  • The Signifiant Entrepreneur’s “7 Pillars of Preeminence”: How We’ve Helped 3,087 Entrepreneurs Go From “Stuck-In-Their-Business” To 7 Figure Freedom Using ONE Simple Business Model
  • 5 Steps to On-Demand Revenue: How To Generate 6 -7 Figure Revenue On AUTOPILOT
  • 7-Step Startup System for New Entrepreneurs: The Fastest, Easiest, Most Reliable Startup System In the World To Get Up, Running, And Profitable NOW

How to inquire about booking me…

To start the conversation, please email Michael[at] Let me know the date and location of your event, the number of attendees, and topics of interest. One of my team members will check availability and schedule a call to discuss the event and how to make it a huge success!

What people are saying…

Kenn Compton | Chair: Advertising + Graphic Design at Central Piedmont Community College
“Michael Moore spoke to our GRD285 class yesterday. When he was finished, the students applauded, the first time I have ever seen that happen spontaneously. They don’t even do that for me and I give them their grades. Needless to say, Michael’s presentation was very powerful and really resonated with the students. In fact, I think all students ought to hear him before they even begin classes at the college.”

Ben Pinegar, Executive Director – YMCA
“From the moment he took the lead on the microphone, our audience of volunteers and donors was captivated by his energy and touched by his impactful message.  Michael spoke from the heart, and, in doing so, set a powerful tone for a memorable and very successful evening.  He truly has a gift for connecting with his audience, and we have received extremely positive feedback from our guests.  We were blessed to have Michael represent our YMCA, and we are so grateful for his passion, enthusiasm, and natural ability for inspiring and motivating others.  Thank you Michael!”

Kathryn Hack, Owner, Tiger Communications, LLC
“Michael Moore is an outstanding public speaker and coach. His workshops dig deep and re-define success as actively managing fulfillment. Participants say, “This workshop changed my life.”

Renee Hode, Executive Director, Small Business Center, CPCC
“We had such wonderful feedback on your session at the conference, kudos.”

Shayna Cashner – Event Attendee
“I wasn’t sure if you read the stellar evaluation I gave you for tonight’s seminar, but I just wanted to let you know how much I loved it! You really are a phenomenal public speaker – very engaging, funny, and inspiring. I want to come to all of your seminars!”

Caroline Starnes – Event Attendee
“Michael Moore – thanks for a great seminar. You don’t provide tips and tricks, you help a person develop vision to live by. Again, thank you.”

A few of my past events…

Michael Robert Moore Entrepreneur and Business Trainer, Coach, and Consultant

Speaking at the Small Business International Training Center

Michael Robert Moore Entrepreneur and Business Trainer, Coach, and Consultant

Training a group of new entrepreneurs how to become The Significant Entrepreneur

Michael Robert Moore Entrepreneur and Business Trainer, Coach, and Consultant

Training entrepreneurs how to “keep the main thing the main thing”!

Michael Robert Moore Entrepreneur and Business Trainer, Coach, and Consultant

Small Business Week Breakout Session

Michael Robert Moore Entrepreneur and Business Trainer, Coach, and Consultant

Small Business Week Conference

As featured…


How to inquire about booking me…

To start the conversation, please email Michael[at] Let me know the date and location of your event, the number of attendees, and topics of interest. One of my team members will check availability and schedule a call to discuss the event and how to make it a huge success!

Here’s what a few attendees have said…

“Michael Moore thanks for another awesome seminar – you totally rocked it again!” 

“Michael is very passionate about what he does.”

“Excellent and you were funny too!”
“Great stories, the program flowed in a logical, sequential order always going back to stories told.”
“Expressive anecdotes.”
“Informative, very open, good examples, personal experiences and how they relate to business.”
“Vision, rather than tricks. Good ongoing tools to feed/reap vision.”
“Michael Moore is an amazing asset to the small business community, CPCC, and the human race.”
“I liked the fact that there is follow up to the seminar. Meaning emails and other info will be provided to us after the class.”
“Instructor was personable, friendly and engaging. Instructor shared knowledge and made it relative to real world events. Class was very informative.”
“Very insightful.”
“Very inspirational and motivational.”
“Great speaker. Fun, motivational, informative.”
“Roadmap to excellence. Michael’s genuine spirit. Thank you very much for reinforcing I am excellence ongoing.”
“The wit and humor that was incorporated into the lecture and lesson. Remarkable seminar and presentation.”
“Total package was really helpful! Q & A was good as well! Outstanding presentation.”
“Thank you for the opportunity!”
“Instructor gave real life examples.”
“The presenter was very knowledgeable. Very good seminar.”
“Engaging, funny, relevant, interesting. AWESOME! Thank you so much. Please keep me posted on future seminars. YOU ROCK!”
“Michael was very insightful! He clearly presented all material.”
“Instructor’s compassion. Michael was excellent!!”
“I like everything about the program. I really enjoyed the class – looking forward to more.”
“Very informative. Loved it!!”
“Mr. Michael, Wonderful seminar for customer loyalty tonight at CPCC. – Zeiad Sarah”
“Michael’s charisma connects and draws people to the topic!”
“I loved everything about the program. Great job!”
“I learned the importance of staying focused on the Main Thing.”
“I think the seminar was really great!”
“This was truly a great seminar. It is useful and informational. I will use the information in my business.”
“I loved the whole presentation. Great job!!”
“The presenter was extremely knowledgeable about the topic. Great presentation! So glad I came!”
“I would have never thought a business seminar could be so enjoyable, informative and engaging. I always walk away feeling like I got so much out of the seminars that Michael Moore presents! I like how you use graphic organizers and visual representations to teach your lessons. I also like the anecdotes and funny stories you share about your family and business experiences to make your points. Thanks so much!”
“I really liked Michael’s knowledge base.”
“The stories help bring it all together.”
“Love the amount of time Michael leaves for questions. Very helpful!”
“Good info! Great Instructor!”
“The program was very inspiring and totally not what I expected. I found the class very helpful.”
“I like the class interaction with discussion at the end.”
“Love the combine life skill and relating to having a business.”
“Gave good examples.”
“I liked the material and delivery.”
“Great presenter. Tools a little wanted more specifics but the audience may be too diverse.”
“Very informative. Great speaker. Michael Moore is a great teacher to have.”
“Engaging, informative, funny, relevant. It was great! Thank you :)”
“This is the best seminar I’ve been to yet! Thank you so much!”
“The diagram on how evaluating what is important relieves stress.”
“I like The Main Thing strategy the most!”
“Michael’s presentation was exceptional! Focused, thorough, knowledgeable.”
“Life altering presentation! I am going to use the tools I learned today to change my life. Excellent!”
“Excellent and engaging speaker. Life-changing process learned. Michael R. Moore is my favorite speaker.”
“The creative implementations of the videos and the stories were great. Loved the inspirational quotes. Would love more!”
“Great seminar – really kept me on track and helped me figure out what was missing and what needs work in a nutshell!”
“Teaching was direct and clear.”
“Michael does a great job incorporating real-life examples in his teaching.”
“Very good, concrete tips, outline to manage time.”
“I loved the content, stories, examples presented.”
“Enjoyed Michael – good speaker and communicates well. I look forward to more!”
“Mr. Moore was very creative and I now better understand Time Management.”
“Michael was really great at teaching this class if it had a 2nd part I would attend!”
“Michael’s presentation taught me how to evaluate time. Very profound questions that I need to address in life and business.”
“Michael Moore is an excellent presenter. He makes serious subject matter fun!”
“I liked the information given, the illustrations, and the stories. Excellent job!”
“I loved the entire presentation! Well done! Exceeded my expectations!”
“I like everything about the presentation. Great job.”
“I really enjoyed the class last night. It has me reevaluating my business and life! Tonight I plan on going to my daughter’s Softball game and not bringing a bag of things to do! I plan on being in the moment and really enjoying her game.”
“Mr. Moore, Thank you so much for another great seminar tonight.”
“Real life experience shared.”
“Real life examples. I enjoyed it!”
“It was easy to understand. The presenter had a great layout of information.”
“Very good topic overall, I like the open discussion session.”
“I liked the visuals and personal examples.”
“The explanations on the subject were very clear to understand. The continuation of the lecturer was very helpful by setting examples to reason.”
“I liked the open discussion at the end and the sense of humor throughout. Very engaging, funny, interesting and relevant! Thank you so much! Great seminar!”
“Michael told a lot of personal stories, which made it very relevant to understanding success vs. failure. Also really liked his interactive approach with the white board. Michael also had a great sense of humor!”
“I liked everything about the seminar! Excellent class!”
“I really liked the part about aligning “The Main Thing”. Great class. Michael Moore is awesome.”
“Michael is such an excellent speaker/instructor. All his classes are so helpful and informative. Thank you!”
“I liked when the speaker talked about the Significant Negotiator and the fact that the best control and power is when you have the other person’s interest in mind. Very informative. The presenter was very good. He kept his focus and my interest. Significant points were discussed and I feel I can be successful using them. I loved the funny, anecdotal stories relevant to the topics, visuals aids, and tying everything back to the “Main Thing” – yet making each lecture different and unique, with new insights! Your notes are easy to follow and understand. I am a UNC-CH Tarheel graduate, and the quality and caliber of instruction provided by Michael R. Moore is on par with the type of instruction I received at Carolina! This was a fantastic seminar!”
“I learned a different way to think of negotiating and how to be successful when you are going through negotiations. The presenter was thorough and did an exceptional job.”
“Incredible speaker and content.”
“The experience of the speaker was helpful in the presentation. Thank you.”
“I learned a lot that I did not know. Thank you for the seminar!”
“Great seminar. Very important topic.”
“The instructor was very knowledgeable. He went straight to the point. Thank you. I enjoyed the class. It was very useful.”
“I enjoyed the description of the Significant Negotiator.”
“Great examples. Gave me something to think about.”
“I liked everything. How to deal with people and how to separate with the friendship. Also liked the Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement. Very good.”
“The importance of knowing the types of negotiation styles. They can make or break a business. Great presentation. Thanks!”
“Learning different ways of negotiating.”
“Good examples. Very informative and resourceful.”
“I liked most the real life application and ease of understanding. I will definitely attend again.”
“The delivery was very interactive and it held our interest. Great workshop!”
“The topic is great and was excellent.”
“Very informative, entertaining, relevant. Perfect seminar. It was GREAT!”
“Relevant, personal stories that tied into the lesson.”
“Straight talk with explanations that took complex information and simplified it. Michael did a great job in delivering great content in a great way.”
“Excellent storytelling related to course. Give this guy more sessions.”
“Very knowledgeable instructor, great real life examples, rich content. Great instructor delivered very professionally. Time well spent!”
“Great content. Very informative.”
“Very informative and professional.”
“I love all the new information I learned. Enjoyed!”
“The seminar was easy to follow and understand. All of the information was very useful.”
“Lots of information!”
“The seminar offered great information and the guest speaker was informative also. Great seminar and I would take this class again.”  Very knowledgeable. Both speakers were excellent and enjoyable.”
“Great info on apps, software, sites, programs. Very good. Thank you!”
“Great information!”
“Thank you so much! It was very interesting and informative!”
“Well-organized, full of information, moved quickly and appropriately, left time for open discussion. Thank you for providing the seminars and getting knowledgeable persons to deliver them.”
“Well organized content. Very knowledgeable speaker.”
“I liked how Mr. Moore tied in his points with examples of stories. He had us visualize to make his points real.”
“Clear examples – easy to listen to and understand. Open to help us later if we have questions.”
“Very good information.”
“Michael’s excellent communication style and attitude.”
“The presenter was very organized and knowledgeable. Good seminar. Insightful and concise.”
“It showed me how to write a small business proposal. A great two-hour lecture that put one on a road to a successful sales journey. Thank you.”
“Great job!”
“It was very easy to understand and clear cut. Great instructor! Great use of class time.”
“Personable. Great analogies.”
“Topic and the distinguishing between business plan and business proposal. Received value of the topic.”
“It was informative and gave illustrations. Personable and pleasant.”

“Michael was a very good presenter. I left with a lot of helpful information.”


How to inquire about booking me…

To start the conversation, please email Michael[at] Let me know the date and location of your event, the number of attendees, and topics of interest. One of my team members will check availability and schedule a call to discuss the event and how to make it a huge success!